Kamis, 08 November 2012

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 Have you ever prayed to God in great anger, and hen regret it and ask the Lord for answered prayer is not it?
Because we often pray in anger and haste, it has not delivered much of our prayer, is just the best answer. Just imagine, if God keep all of your anger fatwa, such as " Anyway...I'm not going!"
Be patient....

Young people will be great success, it is often trobled but rarely give up.
She often cried for no reason and laugh for no reason.
He he...indeed sometimes people confuse him and those who fled before the treatment is complate, but as that is the characteristics of young people who will be great in the future personally.
 He may be poor to day and rejected even by women who are not beautiful, but she will be successful and persecuted beautiful and graceful women from the village to the luxury complex
But he'll grow up, and not easily dazzled by the beauty powder production and a hairdressing
He's looking for a beuatiful woman his heart, which spoiled but fierce in his defense, the heart and kept his eyes only for her, which maintains the simple beauty that far into old age, who gave birth to healthy children,smart and funny;which will help her husband being personally successful and influential, who will be a friend for the happieness of each in a long and healthy life.
It is not easy being young, beacause failure is the failure of the future, and so young that he had successfully established and dignified future.
Young souls are lovers of God who are in fomation.
My sissters a good heart,
Be patient. It's alot of good guidance from God, From parents, from teachers and advisors.
Obey is good and life will be good 

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